It's time to say Goodbye

Movers and Shakers will not be running in 2018


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It's time to say Goodbye

Important Notice Regarding Movers and Shakers

This release serves as notice that Movers and Shakers Youth Leadership Program will not run in 2018.

This decision was not arrived at lightly. For 26 years, Movers and Shakers has shaped and guided well over one thousand young leaders in Queensland and has been a positive program for young people. All past Queensland Diocesan Youth Coordinators, Ministry and Administration staff involved in the development and running of Movers and Shakers are to be commended on a fantastic job over the years.

The Queensland Catholic Bishops have decided that the program will be passed on to Dave Jorna of Project Hatch. Dave has been the facilitator of Movers and Shakers for almost 10 years.

The Movers and Shakers Program was designed to be run as a Queensland diocesan based initiative and collaboration among these dioceses is what brought it together behind the scenes. Changes to how the program will be delivered brings into question is this "Movers and Shakers", especially with it's history and affection for the brand.

Because of this, moving on into the future Project Hatch will run an as yet unnamed Leadership Program. It will of course draw on the same key lessons delivered to young leaders at Movers and Shakers, but delivery and branding will change to suit.

Ingrid McTaggart

Communication Office, Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba

On behalf of the Queensland Catholic Bishops and Dave Jorna, Project Hatch

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